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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Frank Amodeo, husband of Elizabeth volunteer, Barbara Amodeo, writes,

hi, everyone. i don't usually do this, but i'm asking if you can pray for
my dad. he's had a condition for a while now that made him weak, but he's
been battling cancer since last year. he's been in intensive care for over a
week now and the prognosis is not good. he may be dying at this point. my mom
is a wreck already. i have told him to look to the lord and pray, and when i
told him that again on tuesday last week, he turned his head away from
me. i believe he's mad at God. i don't have that peace about knowing if he's
given his heart to the lord yet and hope he will before it's all over. (i'm
realizing how small my faith is) thank you.

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