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Friday, April 15, 2005

A need passed along by Pastor Don Flynn,
Riverside Community Church, Nutley, NJ

Dear Friends in Christ:

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ at Riverside Community Church in Nutley, NJ! I hope you are remaining encouraged in Him and walking in His joy.

We have been given a great opportunity at our church to invest in the lives of two young couples from the seminary in Nyack, NY during this next year. But, we have an URGENT need: housing. Because finances are currently very tight at the church, we are extremely limited in our ability to provide financial compensation for them but if we could provide housing in the North Jersey area for one year, that would be a huge boost. Could you help me pass the word regarding the possibility of someone having a housing opportunity that would fit this situation? For example, there are times when an elderly person would benefit by having a seminary couple live with them to help provide company and minimal care. Sometimes a family needs a housesitter for an extended period of time for whatever reason. And sometimes the Lord will tug on the hearts of His people to open their homes and have a young couple live with them, and see it as an investment in the future of His kingdom. Might that be someone you know? Anyone with leads can contact me directly and we can bounce around ideas.

If nothing opens up and we need to go the traditional route, each couple would be looking for a 1 (but preferably 2) BR apartment. But I don�t need to remind you that these are very expensive in this area and seminary students are usually living on rations. (I remember this well.) The greater their expenses, the more they will need to find outside employment, and the less hours they would be available for ministry. It can be very tricky. So, we need some miracles��fast. Please pray. And let�s believe the Lord for great things.

Thanks for considering this. Shalom,
Pastor Don Flynn (973) 667-6718

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