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Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Dear friends,

We have an urgent prayer request for one of the young ladies we are seeing at Gateway. Here is the background:

Natalie is 19. She is living with five others in a small apartment because her mother has decided to move out of her 3 bedroom apartment into a one bedroom apartment.

Natalie's birthfather disappeared years ago. Her mom married and after 15 years, this man left in March to go back to his native Costa Rica. Natalie is Columbian. Her mother (age 45) blames Natalie for the step-father's actions, so she asked Natalie to leave the apartment.

Natalie is 8 months pregnant. She is a student at Essex County College. She can not presently work because of her pregnancy. She is partially disabled, having no left hand.

Natalie came to Christ last year. Her church is small and without a pastor. She desperately needs a place to stay for the next one-two months. The father of her baby is 27, lives at home and can barely care for himself.

If Natalie delivers this baby with no permanent address, Social Services will take the baby into foster care.

Would you pray and ask around to see if there is a family that could take in Natalie for the next 30-60 days? She intends to go back to work and school, having her baby in day care.

If no temporary situation surfaces, she would be placed in a shelter by Social Services (without her baby).

Thank you,

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