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Thursday, July 31, 2008

UPDATE: August 2, 2008
Dear Prayer Warriors:

Many of you have asked when will the event takes place. Some of you thought I had forgotten to put the exact date in here. Some of that is true, but a large part of the reason is because of a new Newark City Ordinance where we are supposed to apply for a permit first before any gathering. We did seek a permit as required but we weren't guaranteed the date we had chosen. Through some intervention both Human and Divine we were able to pick up the permit Friday (yesterday).

Maria and I were planning to go out anyway but we didn't want to get anyone else into trouble if that is what it came to. We plan to address the City Ordinance at a later time through the proper channels.

Meanwhile we are meeting for prayer at 11:00 am on this morning (Saturday), on the corner of Chancellor & Maple Avenue. We will be out there for 1 hour so even if you can only stop by for 5 or 10 minutes that would be fine. Those of you that don't live close please join us in prayer at 11:00 am right where you are.

An update on the young man, he was supposed to be moved to Children's Hospital in New Brunswick on Friday (yesterday). We will confirm that and keep you updated to his status.

Blessings to you all,

Michael & Maria

August 1, 2008
Dear Prayer Warrior:

I come to you all once again and ask for your assistance. I am asking all those that can to join us for 1 hour at the corner of Chancellor Avenue & Maple Avenue at 11:00 am for a Ministry of Presence Prayer Rally.

This time I come to you with my heart heavier than normal; the person that was struck in the recent crossfire this past Monday July 28 was a 10 year old child. In fact he was one of ours. I consider all the children in the community as ours.

This time it hit closer to home; this young man was part of our community center. Last Friday he rode in our vehicle and went Ice Skating with the kids from our Kidstitute. He was a member of our Scout Troop and was preparing to go to Boy Scout Camp in a few weeks.

After Football Camp this Monday he was riding his bike with some other kids from the center on their way to the store on Maple Ave. where he was shot in his neck. He is currently in stable condition.We talked with his Mom on Tuesday and Maria and I went to visit him yesterday (Wednesday) at the Hospital. You may have noticed that I have not mentioned his name. It has been done so by the request of his Mother to keep the media attention away.

So I am asking those that can to once again to join us for 1 hour at 11:00am as a visible presence and as prayer warriors to stop the violence. Because of a new City Ordinance, if our group gets to be over 12 people we may have to pray in shifts.

This is something we plan to address later, but for now our focus is on prayer. Those that can't physically join us, please pray with us at the 11:00 am hour if you can, right where you are.

Thank you for your commitment and our joint efforts to make a difference. May God Bless You Mightily.

Michael & Maria

Rev. Michael T. Westbrook
Rev. Maria A. Westbrook
Vice Pres.
Greater Life Inc.
Community Outreach Center
272 Chancellor Ave.
Newark, NJ 07112
Mailing Address:
PO Box 8447
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 923-2264 (Main Office)
(973) 923-6007 (1st Floor Center)
(973) 923-6102 (Fax)

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