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Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 30, 2009: 7:55pm: Betty met with Joanne at her apartment in Elizabeth. Joanne has scheduled the abortion for Saturday May 2nd. She is still debating as to what God desires and what she should do. Betty has shared with her the truth of abortion and has prayed that she have the courage to make a decision for life.

Please pray that this
ambivalence within Joanne be replaced by the desire to do the right thing.

April 29, 2009: 5:17pm:
Joanne called to say that although she went for the abortion yesterday, she was turned away.

It seems that they would not accept her check for payment. *(Praise the Lord!)

She is now considering carrying to term and will be meeting with Betty tomorrow evening (April 30th). Please pray that she be completely convinced to carry to term and to turn her heart to Christ.

Joanne is 'conflicted' about whether to abort or to carry to term. She met with us last Tuesday. She has an abortion scheduled for this Tuesday.

She gave her 'reasons' as follows:

1) Mom is okay with it, as are her friends

2) The baby's father wants her to have the baby, but she doesn't want him in her life, so this is a way to be free from his controlling attitude

3) She may lose her job

4) Doctors told her it's just a blob of tissue

5) She can withstand the consequences

We explained the fallacy of each of these 'reasons'. We encouraged her to cancel the appointment. She knows we can help her.

Joanne didn't realize that the baby has a heartbeat at 18 days after conception, a recordable brainwave 41 days after conception and he/she may feel pain (even at 7-8 weeks gestation.

She is not looking forward to the abortionist doing an ultrasound because she might not be able to go through with it.

We explained the pain she probably would feel, the real option of adoption, the fact that 'spiting' her former controlling boyfriend doesn't mean that she is free from him, and that the fact her father is racist (the baby's father is black, she is Puerto Rican) doesn't remove her responsibility.

She was thankful but still struggling with what to do.

We encouraged her to call back after canceling the abortion appointment. She didn't indicate that she would or wouldn't go through with the abortion.

Keep her in prayer please!

"The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. " James 5:16 (NASV)

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