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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

From Gateway Associate Director Joan Vitale:

"I realize that we at the crisis pregnancy center are so often involved
with the lives of women who have so many needs and we could ask for
prayer for so many of our clients but there is a particular young woman I
would like to ask prayer for if anyone reading this would continually lift up Marie in prayer.

Marie has four boys (the newborn she was very undecided about carrying to term BUT PRAISE THE LORD did.) She also prayed to trust Jesus as her Saviour just two weeks ago ... since then things in her life have gotten worse and it is hard for her to keep the faith... Marie's husband has just told her to leave - they have been arguing - he has been drinking and making calls that are suspicious that might be to another woman.

Here is Marie with four boys,not a u.s.citizen/resident which makes public assistance nearly nil.. We ,Mariel and I continually point her to the Lord and try to get her see that Jesus is the only way - to trust His ways they are not ours. We have been able to help Marie with nearly everything she needed for this baby and we thank the Lord for that...

Please pray for Maria to completely trust in the Lord. WE pray for her
husband for his salvation and for these four little boys ages 9 8, 5 and
five months.. Also that many christians will come along side Maria and
help her to grow and do whatever we can to help her through this most difficult time.. "

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