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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's an urgent plea from one of our supporters who helped us update the Plainfield site. Her husband did excellent construction work ( at no cost) and we can highly recommend him. Please consider what you can do for this family. They recently had a baby.

I've left the name out of this post to maintain confidentiality.

"As most of you know my husband does construction ,well today the economy decided to make our lives harder than it already was with my job not doing well (Real estate) and my husband has been working for less money just so we could try to keep up some of our bills .

Today he was laid off! Now the only way we will survive is for him to start his own company, Hence this begging email.

Please forward this to anyone you know that may need some construction work done from an honest and hard working guy.This is his passion so I know he will full fill any construction needs big and small.

He has been in the construction field for about 11 years and has learned every aspect of it.He has worked for very large companies and also small companies taking with him a vast knowledge of this industry.

Please we truly have no other income coming into the house at this time and will need all of your help to pass this request on to other people so that we can support our family .

He can be reached on his cell # at 732-322-4228 to
arrange for an appointment for an estimate ."

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