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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks for praying for and
helping "KIM"

In response to the need below, we have received at least twenty (20) calls or emails.

We have secured a trundle bed, kitchen items, cookwear, flatware, dishes, clothes for the two girls and commitments for gift cards. No further clothing items are needed.

Anyone desiring to help may consider a gift card to Kohls (for clothes for Kim) or Shoprite (for needed food)

Thank you so much for this outpouring of love.

Her mother and sister refused her help because they insist that she abort. She believes this child is from God and will not ends his life.

She has been brave and resolute during this very difficult situation. We believe that God has sent her to Gateway as a 'divine appointment'.

She is still legally married to the girls father.

Her husband is a Seventh Day Adventist missionary. He and Kim have traveled the world doing missions work. Her husband (and his father before him) are pedophiles

She and the girls have been devastated. Kim is totally against 'oraganized religion' but not against God. She still prays and reads the Bible, but won't attend a church.

When challenged about her eternal destiny, Kim said 'That's a good question'. We believe that the 'kindness of God' will lead her to repentance (Romans 2:4).

Kim had a regular job before becoming pregnant. She baby sits while the girls are in school.

She is quite needy but appreciative and upbeat.

She believes God has been looking out for her.

Please pray that Kim trust Christ as Savior and Lord. We are in regular contact with her and have visited the small, one room studio she shares with the girls.

Kim is due to have a baby boy on April 11th. Pray for wisdom as she has decided to parent this baby. Pray that Kim see the person of Jesus and trust Him alone for salvation.

She really could use an older female as a 'mentor' and some are considering this as well.

We are sharing with Kim from these excellent resources:

When Trust Is Lost (pamphlet) Radio Bible Class

The Wounded Heart Text by Dan Allender

The Wounded Heart Workbook by Dan Allender

Below is our February 21st. email to over 250 of our email friends, many of whom forwarded this request to their friends:


We have an urgent need. Could you help?

One of the ladies we're helping is in this situation:

Age 32, living alone in one room in Linden with two daughters age 7 and 9

The girls sleep on the floor

She's 7 1/2 months pregnant

Her husband is in Calf. She left him because he's a pedophile and abused the girls. This baby's dad is a physical abuser.

She may be open to the gospel and is very appreciative of our help.

Please pray for her salvation.

She needs clothes for the girls:

Daughter age 7 wears size 8

Daughter age 8 wears size 10

They have very little..

The Lord has provided a trundle bed in one day in answer to prayer!

If you can help, please let me know asap via email or call to


Thanks Dean

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