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Monday, May 11, 2009

Prayer requests from Dorothy Booker (our Plainfield center director)

Asking Prayer for Pastor Page and his wife Bernardette. She's been sick for 3 weeks (and still has no diagnosis) Her body is breaking down her own red blood cells. She's 42 and has 5 kids. Please pray!

Praise report for Bernardette Page, Pastor pages, wife!

--- On Wed, 5/13/09, Sheryl Morales wrote: attends this church: "I got good news about my pastor's wife - they believe they found the antibody in her blood which is causing her own body to break down its red blood cells. They are putting a port into her so that they can give her the drug for this - apparently it is treatable. Thank you for praying!

Also ...

My niece, Ebony (in the Navy) is leaving for points unknown.

Her overseas assignment on an aircraft carrier begins this week. Please pray for her safety and that she draw even closer to the Lord while she serves our country.

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