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Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear friends,

Here is the promised update on Lisa. See the story below (also on our Blog):

Joan Vitale, Gateway Associate Director writes:

"My client we named Lisa, whom we were praying for concerning her taking the
methotrexate and then wanting to change her mind, she was still very undecided
even after our counsel and seeing her unborn 7 week old baby.
After her appointment at Dr. A's office last Thursday she made a choice to continue
with the abortion. I understand from her boyfriend that the mill called her, and she
had pressures as well from those she lives with. Such a tragic decision.

The one good decision she made was for Christ. The good news is that she called
Dr. A's office today. After the abortion she felt horrible, both physically and emotionally.
She received Christ at Dr. A's office .

Thankfully, she went back to Dr. A and not the abortionist.
Thank you all for your prayers. Love, Joan"

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