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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hi everyone,

First, the good news: the growth was biopsied yesterday while thecolonoscopy was done, and the results are that it is BENIGN! It is actuallythe size of a lemon, not a golf ball. The other news is that the surgery has been postponed.

Uncle Rudy's white blood count isn't where the doctors wantit to be to fight off any infections, so they will give him a blood transfusion and keep him in the hospital for 2 more days, send him home fora week to build him up, and then he'll go back for the operation.

More good news is that his sugar level has been great without diabetes medication while he's been hospitalized, so he really has to concentrate on a properdiet.

His kidneys are only working at 40% of normal capacity because of the diabetes, so we need to pray about that, too.Please continue to lift him up in prayer and between Dad and I, we will keep everyone updated.


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