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Monday, March 6, 2006

"In the history of the world, the true test of a civilization is how well people treat the most vulnerable and most helpless in their society. The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I agree with them,"

Gov. Mike Rounds, South Dakota.

(Planned Parenthood, which operates the state's only abortion clinic, in Sioux Falls, has pledged to challenge the measure in court)

** Planned Parenthood, Margatret Sanger and 9 things you should know!

(1) How could anyone claim to be proud of an organization when history records that its founder wrote of the necessity of "the extermination of 'human weeds'...the 'cessation of charity'...the segregation of 'morons, misfits, and the maladjusted' and...the sterilization of 'genetically inferior races?'" Killer Angel, George Grant, Reformer Press, p. 105, available from Radio Liberty, P.O. Box 13, Santa Cruz, CA, 95063.

(2) During the 1930s Margaret Sanger published The Birth Control Review, in which she openly supported Nazi Germany's "infanticide program" in the 1930s, and publicly championed Adolf Hitler's goal of Aryan white supremacy. Prior to World War II she commissioned Nazi Ernst Rudin, director of the dreaded German medical experimentation programs, to serve as an advisor to her organization.

(3) In Killer Angel, George Grant chronicled the life and writings of Margaret Sanger, including her plans for genetically engineering the human race. Margaret Sanger's The Pivot of Civilization called for "the elimination of human weeds," and the "cessation of charity" because it prolonged the lives of the unfit. She called for the segregation of the unfit and prohibiting them to reproduce.

(4) In 1939, Margaret Sanger organized the Negro Project, designed to eliminate members of what she believed to be an "inferior race." She justified her proposal because "the masses of Negroes... particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit..." Woman's Body, Woman's Right, Linda Gordon, Penguin Press, New York, p. 332

(5) She then went on to reveal that she intended to "hire three or four colored ministers to travel to various black enclaves to propagandize for birth control...The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."Killer Angel, p. 74: see also Woman's Body, Woman's Right, pp. 229-334.

(6) As Margaret Sanger's organization grew, she wrote of the necessity of targeting religious groups for destruction as well, believing that the "dysgenic races" should include "fundamentalists and Catholics" in addition to "blacks, Hispanics, [and] American Indians."5 Woman's Body, Woman's Right, pp.229-334;

(7) As the years passed, Sanger became increasingly obsessed with occult beliefs and hostile to Christianity and the American precept of individual freedom. Her distaste for America is evident in her writings: "Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism." Killer Angel, p. 104.

(8) Those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to control and to diminish the spread of misery and destitution and all the menacing evils that spring out of this sinisterly fertile soil, are the surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents and dependents. My criticism, therefore, is not directed at the ``failure'' of philanthropy, but rather at its success. (The Pivot of Civilization)

(9) Our tax money finances Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Margaret Sanger. In Planned Parenthood's 1985 Annual Report, its leaders proclaimed that they were, "Proud of our past, and planning for our future." Killer Angel, George Grant, Reformer Press, p. 105, available from Radio Liberty, P.O. Box 13, Santa Cruz, CA, 95063.

Additional sources via: Beyond Birth Control:The Population Control Agendaby Dr. Stan Monteith, M.D _____________________________________________________________________ Planned Parenthood is NOT Non-Profit !

Posted: January 23, 2006: 1:00 a.m. Eastern - � 2006 -
Defund Planned Parenthood

This is not a column about abortion, per se. I've written plenty of those in the past and will write more in the future. This is, however, a column about a "non-profit," tax-exempt corporation that rakes in more than a quarter-billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer money every year and boasts of being the world's largest "abortion provider." It's called Planned Parenthood.

It is a disgusting, evil organization that somehow operates under its own set of rules � unaccountable in any way, shape or form to the rules and regulations governing other so-called "non-profits." In fact, Planned Parenthood makes plenty of profits.

It made more than $35 million in what it euphemistically calls its "surplus" in the 2003-2004 fiscal year, according to a dynamite new book by Kelly Hollowell titled "Struggling For Life: How Your Tax Dollars and Twisted Science Target the Unborn."

In fact, in the last seven years alone, Planned Parenthood has earned profits � or built a surplus � of more than $350 million. In that time period, it has been given government grants of nearly $1.5 billion. That's what I call subsidizing the abortion industry. While, technically speaking, no U.S. taxpayer dollars are specifically allocated for abortions, Planned Parenthood performed some 1.4 million of them in that same time period.

But as Hollowell points out, it really is a distinction without a difference. "Would the U.S. government have financed the 'good works' (education, building bridges, etc.) of the Nazi regime � so long as the Nazis promised not to use the funds for purposes of destroying human life in its concentration camps?" she asks. "Common sense dictates the answer � 'NO!'

I mean even if the Nazis did not use the tax dollars directly for an evil like genocide, such funding would free up their other finances, allowing them to invest in their openly evil agenda. Likewise, we should not support Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars." It's a big shell game. Money is fungible. When Planned Parenthood can spend your money on maintaining its image as a "charity," it is free to spend other funds on killing babies.

And PP (an appropriate moniker if there ever was one) is spending lots of your money. How much? To put it in perspective, government grants last year to PP totaled more than the money allocated to Homeland Security for inspecting the cargo of foreign ships coming to America. They totaled more than the money allocated for protecting Americans from computer hackers and cyber-terrorists. They totaled more than the amount allocated for planning exercises for medical-emergency surge capabilities.

In fact, as Hollowell points out, they totaled more than all of those programs combined. This money has allowed PP to spend $193 million influencing public policy over the last seven years. To put this in perspective, that's more money than the Federal Elections Commission allotted to either George W. Bush or John Kerry in 2004.

PP is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in America... How do you like the U.S. Senate being manipulated with your money? How do you like enriching people who kill babies for a living, who sexualize your children in schools, who hand out bad condoms to kids to stimulate their abortion business, who use the courts to ram their warped worldview down your throats through judicial activism? If you like it, sit back and enjoy.

If it makes you angry, defund Planned Parenthood. STOPP analysis unmasks PP's business: "Planned Parenthood has made a profit every year we have tracked its data," says Jim Sedlak, director of STOPP International. "Since 1988, Planned Parenthood has made a total profit of $229.8 million�including $42.3 million last year."

Planned Parenthood is recognized by the U.S. Government as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, but IRS regulations do allow it to have "income in excess of expenditures" as long as the excess income is not distributed to individuals or organizations that are not also charities. "But," Sedlak maintains, "Planned Parenthood's operations appear to go far beyond the occasional small profit envisioned by the IRS regulations.

Planned Parenthood's data reveals that, at the same time it was making all these profits, it received $1.6 billion in taxpayer funds."

Source: �1999 STOPP International - A project of American Life League, Inc. PPFA�s total revenue at the end of the 1999 fiscal year was $660.7 million. With its expenses reported at $534.9 million, the abortion provider reported a total profit of $125.8 million. Assets were reported at a cool $536.3 million for this �non-profit� organization.

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