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Thursday, March 23, 2006

UPDATE on Lisa

(Dr. Jose (Pepe) Arrunategui,
pictured here with Dean)

From Joan:

"Thank you for your prayers, please continue. Our client, Lisa, is still undecided and has circumstances that she really wasn't open that much to share.

She came to Gateway; unfortunately she wasn't very talkative but she did listen. The gospel was shared ... client did go to see Dr. A.

The doctor, of course,cannot tell her that she is going to have a perfect baby but he did show her the 7 week old unborn baby's heartbeat.

I will keep in touch with the young man who referred Lisa to us.. Please be praying for her salvation. I will also like to have her back again here at Gateway in two weeks or so for another ultrasound and further opportunity to share Christ. Joan"

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