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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dear friends,

Here's a prayer request from Joan at Gateway - Elizabeth:

"Asking for special prayer concerning the phone call I received from a male friend of a 31 year old woman who had gone to the abortion clinic at 700 No. Broad Street approximately one week ago at which time she took the first process of the abortion pill which is methotrexate.

Her male friend called Gateway seeking our help because this woman does not want to continue with the abortion.He is a Christian.

Tomorrow (Thursday) this man and woman {let's call her Lisa}will be here in Elizabeth.

Pray for her salvation .. and pray for her appointment which will immediately follow, with Dr. Arrunategui, our pro-lifeChristian OBGYN.Glory to God. I am believing by faith that our prayers will be answered. Joan"

Thanks, Dean

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