Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prayer Updates!!

Here are some praises and prayer requests (* some names changed for confidentiality)

Praise for healing for our Board Chairman, Rev. Michael Westbrook:


for Tina*, 28, homeless and living in her car until a few days ago. She is 4 months pregnant and living for a week at a shelter in Ramsey. She is studying Jehovah's Witness and we are desiring she get to a Christian group home. Because she is older than most, many do not accept her. Pray as we seek this home.

Pray for Rosemarie, beloved Gateway volunteer, going though treatment for liver cancer. Pray for relieve from pain, for a complete healing and especially that the Lord would be honored during this time.

age 28 is our Sri Lankan friend who attends church with us weekly. She and her husband are from a Hindu background but are hearing the gospel. We are helping her get a needed umbilical cord hernia operation. Pray for the many tests / visits needed prior to the routine surgery. 

PRAISE the Lord her husband Jey has a new job as groundsman at the Maplewood Country Club.

Pray for Mukki*, an 18 year old girl from India, 6 months pregnant. Her family has bonded with us. They are Hindu but Mukki is open to the gospel.

* name changed for confidentiality

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