Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pray for and help the Development Director Fund

Join with us as we seek a Development Director for Gateway

Development Director Project Funding…

Based on the need for Gateway to sustain its current impact, and expand its outreach to Irvington, Elizabeth, and surrounding NJ areas, we have a vital need for a Development Director.

The Gateway Board, of which I am a member, believes this new staff position is imperative to the mission of Gateway. The mission of Gateway is to not only provide help and direction to the women in crisis pregnancy, but to provide them with the knowledge of God’s eternal plan for their lives.

God cares about the women we see in Irvington and Elizabeth.  We share Christ with each of the 1,600 plus women, and over 150 men we see each year, and that number keeps rising.  Gateway isn’t just a “good work” – it’s the work of ambassadors instructed by God, to reach out with the Truth that changes hearts.  That’s the message.  That’s the reason why we are still on this planet. 

Our mission motto is ‘You may be prolife, but do you have eternal life?’

In the past 32 years of ministry, Gateway has performed over 950 sonograms, trained over 675 volunteers, made more than 375 church presentations, and given out about eight tons of baby items.  We have also seen hundreds of boyfriends or husbands, and have spoken to over 32,000 about abstinence, marriage, the sanctity of life, and urging of trusting the finished work of Christ.

The Gateway Board believes that this new staff position of Development Director, will free up our Executive Director, Rev. Dean Gavaris to better utilize his role, in expansion of the education and promotion of the biblical aspect of the sanctity of life, and the perils of abortion.

The Development Director (Director of Advancement) would be responsible for activities oriented towards donor relations, event organizations, fundraising planning and implementation.  Position could also include public relations efforts, newsletters, marketing, etc.  Creating this foundation of relationship is not just necessary, but vital.

The position of the Development Director would require a $40,000.00 addition to Gateway’s current annual budget.  The proposed salary for this position would be renewable each year, solely for this position.

Proposal for Development Director Project…

Raise $40,000.00 annual salary for proposed Development Director Project, for one to five years.  Will proceed with step #2 after funding for at least one full year is completed.

  1. Hire a qualified candidate for the position of Development Director (Director of Advancement).
  2. Development Director will fully assume the role of donor relations, public relations, fundraising planning and implementation, marketing, etc.  All for the purpose of expanding Gateway’s Pro Life community outreach.
Where can you be involved?
  1. Commit to funding of the aforementioned proposal in one of the amounts below, for the period of one to five years.
Amount: $40K___           $30K___             $20K___             $10K___              $Other________ 

# of Years: 5yrs.___        4yrs.___             3yrs.___             2yrs.___              1yr.___ 

On behalf of the Gateway Board, we thank you for your consideration of this project need. 
Yours Sincerely,

David A. West
Board Member
Gateway Pregnancy Center

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