Friday, January 21, 2005

Prayer request from the wife of of one Gateway's Board members:

"Some of you may already know some of this, but not all, so please bare with me. My Mom has been in the hospital for testing this week. The tests are not all in yet but the evidence is pretty clear that her cancer is back and today I was told, is pretty widely metastasized. Evidently many bones, and her liver at least. On top of the difficulties that news brings in and of itself, she is making it very clear she will not even consider any treatment. She says if its her time to go, she goes.

I wish this were a confident faith in her own salvation, but in stead it is a result of depression, loneliness, and anger. She hasn't been told yet how widely spread the cancer is. Probably tomorrow the doctors will have fuller results and a plan and then they talk to her. Please pray she will reconsider at least trying treatment. Pray the cancer is not as widespread as at first it appears.

And pray for us. This has been a very hard year. David is working full time this week thru the nursing agency, and probably will do the same next week, but then it goes back to maybe 6 hrs a week if that. Also his hours are 3-11 which means he's not here to talk to when I need him. And the kids are not taking this well.

Rob was in a VERY bad way after my Dad's death. I am concerned especially about him if Mom goes this soon and in such a difficult way. Thanks for all your concerns for us. In Christ, Karen"

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Our friend, Peter Willcox requests prayer for his missionary journey to Africa:

"I am leaving for Africa Thursday and would appreciate your prayers, thanks.
I have attached an itinerary - blessings! Pete

HELP! Pete needs your prayer!

On January 20th, I will be going to Africa with my father in law (Neil) and an evangelist (Jack). We will visit 4 countries (Ghana, Benin, Uganda, and Kenya) where we will hold 2- to 3-day seminars for pastors and church leaders. Our purpose is to train, encourage and support them. We partner with these leaders by providing these seminars. These leaders already know the culture and the language, so we can help strengthen what is already in place. At night we will have evangelistic services whenever we can.

Would you please support us with your prayers? Even the travel time from country to country is an area where the enemy would like to cause trouble. Please also pray for the blessing, protection, and provision for our families that are at home.Thank you so much

Depart US 1/20
Arrive Ghana 1/21
Rest 1/22
Ministry in Ghana churches 1/23
Seminar 1/24-1/26 am
Travel to Togo minister in church service - 1/26 p.m.
Depart Togo 1/27 am.
Arrive and begin Cotonou Benin Seminar 1/27-29
Minister in Benin Churches 1/30
Depart Benin for Lome, Togo airport 1/31 am
Arrive Kenya early am 2/1 Begin Seminar
Neil and Peter - Uganda Seminar 2/4,5 - Church ministry - 2/6
Jack ministers in Kenya 2/4-6
Travel back to Kenya for Second Kenya Seminar - 2/8-10
Depart Nairobi 2/11
Arrive home 2/12

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Please pray for Bonnie's mom:

Betty Scholl, age 74, is in the hospital with a stroke.

Her daughter is Gateway's own, Bonnie Scholl. Please pray for her mom. Thanks.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Please continue to pray!

"First let me say how much your support and prayers have meant to me. God has a way of placing the right people in ones life at the right time. He lives up to his not giving one more than one can bear.

The Essex County Prosecutors are now involved as Irvington could no longer handle the case on their own. From Verizon to ATT to Nextel. Warrant after warrant. The state police and Nat�l Center for exploited standing at the sidelines waiting to assist. (THANKS TO DEANS WISDOM HE IMPARTED TO ME). Warrants are 10 page documents that are taking at least a day to obtain. As of yesterday two were being sought for Nextel. They utilize ATT�s towers to provide their service. Hence, the delay because the warrant to ATT was a waist. Tyamba sounded in distress, sneaking to use a phone at 7am. Otherwise here voice was of the child I knew but one of fear as she cried and whimpered,� mommy I love you, I miss you mommy�.

Im back at work 12 long hours hoping and praying for closure 7pm-7:30p, Wed, Thurs and Fri.

Presently, I am placing calls directly to the prosecutors office to get an update. Irvington has the same news as yesterday. Will be in touch." (Ingrid Hayward, Tyamba's mom)

Please pray!

Chinese Woman Tortured After Coerced Abortion Faces More Jail Time

by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 5, 2005

Beijing, China ( -- A woman whose plight has placed a renewed focus on the human rights abuses associated with China's population control policy has been sentenced to more time in a reeducation prison camp.

Just weeks after a Congressional committee held hearing on Mao Hengfeng's forced imprisonment, a human rights watchdog group says the woman who has protested their one-child population control policy will remain in prison an additional three months.

The Shanghai woman has been sentenced to 18 months in the prison camp for her fifteen years-long battle with the Chinese government after she lost her job when she became pregnant a second time.

According to a New York-based human rights agency, Chinese officials, who have subjected Mao to brutal torture, told her of the increased sentence last month.

"The recent increase in Mao's sentence appears to be another sign of retrenchment by the Beijing government in regard to human rights issues," said Liu Qing, president of Human Rights in China.

Since losing her job and other legal rights in the late 1980s, Mao has been imprisoned, was falsely told she would get her job back if she aborted a third pregnancy, and has been assigned to psychiatric wards.

Representative Christopher Smith, a New Jersey Republican, told a meeting of the House International Relations Committee last month that Mao's "is the most egregious example of China's mistreatment of women who do not comply with China's draconian policies, but there are thousands of other victims.''

"The torture of Mao Hengfeng demonstrates that China's drive to control its population growth at any cost to the Chinese people is as strong and dangerous as ever," Smith added.

Michael Kozak, a State Department assistant secretary, said Mao's case highlights the problems in the Chinese system: coercion of abortion or sterilization, the use of forced labor camps, forced imprisonment, and the use of psychiatric hospitals and torture.

Mao has been bound hand and foot and suspended in midair and has been repeatedly subjected to abuse and beatings, according to Human Rights in China.

"HRIC's sources say camp police bound Mao's wrists and ankles with leather straps, and then proceeded to pull her limbs in separate directions, while demanding that she acknowledge wrongdoing," the group added.

Congressman Smith indicated he is worried the torture would lead to Mao's death.

In a surprising development, leading abortion advocates, who normally apologize for the UNFPA and its participation in China's coercive population control program, wrote a letter to Chinese officials asking for Mao's release.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

URGENT! Please continue to pray for Tyamba

I just received this email from her mom:

"Good morning Dean, I am emailing you from my laptop. I am in the Catskills. Here with family for holidays. 9 y.o. wanted to snow board.
Although I did not speak with her, Tyamba called me 3 times on Friday starting from 7am. First call no one was speaking, second a whisper I love you (I thought prank call), third call on voice mail, mommy I love you and miss you. Went to police after work. Now a major investigation is going on. Verizon was called and we found out she was calling from NY. However, they closed before the police realized they had no idea where in NY or whether it was a pay phone, cell or home phone. People were called in for overtime to work on her case. Unfortunately, because of the holiday, things will not pick up until today. I pray she was able to stay safe over the weekend.

Still working with the mayors office. Should see Tyamba on the community channel when I get home. It took forever. Some folks did not want others to know this is happening in Irvington. Months ago I put in this request. You could see the Mayor and police chief but nothing else. All a result of changing to a volunteer job instead of paying someone to do the job.

Once again, thank you for prayers. I will be in touch."

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