Monday, September 25, 2006

A prayer update and request from Cathy Horling, Gateway's CPA:

Hi everyone,

It looks like we'll have to continue our prayers. My aunt received theresults of her biopsy and there is malignancy. She has an appointment withthe doctor tomorrow to discuss it further.

She know the Lord is with her andwill bring her through, and asked that you continue your prayers. Some ofyou are aware that she survived colon cancer a number of years ago, with theLord's help.

My uncle's doctors want to set him up for kidney dialysis. They claim that his extremely poor kidney function is the reason for all of his problems.

We're believing that the Lord will touch his kidneys and reverse the damagethe diabetes has caused. He thanks all of you for your continued prayers.

We know that with God, all things are possible. Amen.

God bless you all,Cathy

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rev. James Fox will speak on Love That Gets Involved

at Gateway Pregnancy Center's 21st Annual Stewardship Banquet

Thursday, October 19, 2006

from 7:00-9:00 pm at Calvary Tabernacles Harvest Training Center,

69 Myrtle Street, Cranford New Jersey

Special music will be provided by Sarai Gardiner,

who sang at our 1999 Banquet and by the group Exhale

Testimonies will be given by women helped through the ministry

A freewill offering will be taken for the needs of the gospel ministry of

Gateway Pregnancy Centers.

Reservations may be made in advance by returning the form below

and payment of $20 for each person attending.

Please make your reservations before October 15, 2006..

Directions from your home to the Banquet


Any questions?

Call us at 973-399-8378 for further details.

Send the form below to Gateway at 960 Springfield Ave, Irvington, NJ 07111

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Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________State___________Zip_________

Phone: ( ) _________________ Reservations desired: _____________

Places names / addresses on reverse side

Total amount enclosed: $__________

I am unable to attend, but please accept my gift of $ _______

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Update on Olivia (see 9-8-06 BLOG): from Joan Vitale:

Thank you to all who prayed for Olivia. She was told to have an abortion
- refused - saw our pro-life doctor who took every step to help her.

Olivia had a miscarriage just a few days ago. It was a complete miscarriage,
no D & C necessary.

She is sad of course but realizes that God is in control and that she
made the right choice. She will no longer go back to that doctor who
told her to abort - she now has a good Christian pro-life doctor (Dr.. Pepe)

She is choosing to go through the process of grieving and knows that at the
right time she will conceive again. God Bless You Olivia!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

From Cathy Horling, our CPA: (update on Rudy Seeger)

Hello everyone,

I ask that you continue to pray for my uncle. The eye that was hemmorhaging slightly is now bleeding as much as the other one and he can hardly see.

He is discouraged about this and really needs the Lord's healing touch.

Also, my aunt is going for her biopsy this afternoon.

Thanks so much and God bless!


Saturday, September 9, 2006

Urgent request from Joan (Gateway - Elizabeth)

A young lady,Olivia, contacted Gateway Elizabeth because she was told by her regular OB GYN doctor that she had to abort her six week old unborn baby because she had pain and it may be tubal. Olilvia refused to abort and called Gateway she has been seen by Dr. A this morning (Friday 9/8).

He is going to call her with the blood results and see how he can help her further to carry this baby to term. Being the unborn baby is only six weeks old it is hard to get a clear ultrasound picture. At this time there is no threat of Olivia having to take the baby out due to tubal or any reason.. at this point.

SO please pray for Olivia and her baby. She and I prayed and she is
believing by faith for her baby to survive. So far so good. Praise God.
A prayer request from our CPA, Cathy Horling:

Hi everyone,

Could you please pray for the following?

1) My uncle, Rudy Seger, whose eyes are hemmorhaging from his diabetes. One is very bad and he can hardly see out of it. He has had some laser treatments in that eye, but if the situation is not much improved on its own by next week, he will require surgery. (Remember how Jesus healed the blind man? Nothing is too hard for Him!)

2) My aunt, Betty Hesse, whose mammogram shows some abnormal calcifications and she has to have a biopsy. Please pray that they are benign.

Thank you so much and God bless!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

A prayer request from Sharon LaRose, director of the Pregnancy Support Center of Ulster County. Dean will be their 2006 Banquet
speaker on October 27th.

"Shana is a client who has been with us through her whole pregnancy. Charlene helped place her in a home for unwedded mothers. Her baby has had health problems throughout her pregnancy.

The baby was born this week many weeks early and is only two pounds. Shana (16 years old) goes to the hospital every day to give the baby breast milk. She baby...and Shana need our prayers.

Please take out time of your already busy lives to remember her and her child. Thank you very much.
Sharon/Mom/Aunt Sharon"

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

From Gateway supporter, Karen Dien

I have a friend named Josephine. She is currently going through a divorce with her husband. He has stripped her of any money, place to live, job, etc. She is a Christian, loving wife, mother, and friend.

She's a good worker and is looking for a job to support herself and to support her daughter (who by a course of bad events is under the custody of the father.)

I was wondering if you could lead me in any direction to help her. If you know of any jobs and resonably priced apartments in Essex or Union County, NJ).

Any one that can help her!

Thank you,
A prayer request from Anne Lawther (who led Dean to Christ)

Dan Preston's wife, Ada-May is in need of prayer.

She was admitted last Saturday and was in ICU until this afternoon.

They don't know what is the cause of extreme pain in her left arm and numbness in both hands. Her left leg is not working right either.

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