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Graphic Images – Why use them?

Gateway Pregnancy Center has used graphic images for the past 36 years. Hundreds if not thousands have changed their minds. We've used Harder Truth and Choice Blues. We ask permission in writing and verbally. Those who turn down seeing a video are usually open to telling us why, which leads to a fruitful discussion. We are sensitive yet see the urgency of their decision and their need to be told the truth by someone; if not us, whom?

Why Biblical Imagery? Pastor Dave Brennan from CBRUK (Gateway friends in Great Britain) explains why: Dave Brennan:



Another reason Gateway is vitally needed

Monica Canetta with her husband, Carlo Canetta, and children at Matteo's birth in 2015 in Boston.
Monica Canetta with her husband, Carlo Canetta, and children at Matteo's birth in 2015 in Boston.

I was in the dark shadows of the ultrasound room when I first heard the words “incompatible with life.” I didn’t understand. He was already alive.

The profession certainly made it clear that it supported the choice to terminate. I was still reeling from the ultrasound when the doctor who delivered the news began pressuring me to have a possibly risky and invasive amniocentesis – a procedure to remove some of the amniotic fluid that protects the baby – just hours later. When I declined, the doctor pressed harder, saying further testing was needed to have more "choices." Instead, that day my husband and I gave the baby his name, which is Hebrew for “gift from God.”

In the weeks that followed, a parade of doctors pushed a slew of tests on me. For more choices – that was always their justification. Never mind that I had already made my choice, they only seemed determined to change it. Not once did I hear the words I so craved: “Don’t worry about it. What do you want to do? I will help you.”

So many women facing a terminal diagnosis do so alone. They suffer greatly, unjustly deprived of a supportive community. Too often that injustice begins in the doctor’s office, where women are berated with so-called choices but in reality left feeling as if they only have one. I had to fight for respect for my choice to bring my terminally ill baby into the world, and until I found truly supportive medical care, the doctor’s office was the only place where I did not feel sustained.

After my unborn son's fatal diagnosis, doctors seemed determined to change my 'choice'   - Monica Canetta / Thu, October 28, 2021, 8:01 AM

Friday, October 15, 2021

Honoring a faithful woman of God in the UK


From Our Friends in the UK, honoring a very special woman .. we honor her as well

We want to take this opportunity to honour a very special lady who has been a key part of the work of CBR UK as well as the general fight for life in this nation. Her story is an amazing example of what faith and perseverance can achieve.

A woman who made a stand

As a passionate follower of Jesus, Caroline Hubert was standing outside Wistons abortion clinic in Brighton for well over a decade. This was alongside raising eight children and a career in Pharmacy.

Wistons clinic was one of the first abortion facilities in the UK, opened over 40 years ago by Bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service). Around 3,000 babies were killed there annually in recent years.

Following her husband Jeremy’s call to stand and pray outside the abortion clinic, Caroline joined a small group of faithful prayer warriors, including Sister Agnes, Judy and Kym.

A woman faithful to the cause

Caroline was involved with CBR UK right from the beginning, eagerly supporting us and attending many of our Public Education Displays. Some of our first displays were outside Wistons, and she would stand at the clinic door with Kym to pray and speak to the ladies going in, while the rest of the team stood with the display at the other side of the clinic facing the college. Her daughters attended that college, and would walk across the road to join the displays and prayer vigils. Pro-life work was a normal part of Caroline’s family life and they have always been an integral part of CBR UK and the work we do.

Caroline was at the Brighton Wistons display when our founder Andy Stephenson and Kathryn Attwood, were arrested and prosecuted by the Police for displaying factual graphic abortion images outside the clinic. This led to us winning a significant case, giving us the legal grounds to hold our Public Education Displays.

A woman of prayer and action

Caroline and Kym, now partners in the battle for life, became convinced that the two most powerful weapons against the abortion industry and to save lives, were prayer and pictures. They would pray weekly outside Wistons, with or without CBR UK display teams, carrying leaflets with pictures showing the humanity of babies in the womb and the reality of abortion.

Prayer presence was increased outside Wistons in 2012 and 2013, as they mobilised a small team for twelve hours a day over forty days as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign.


Above: Kym, Caroline and Jeremy in Heart Publication

Two great victories from this first campaign were the two baby girls whose lives were saved from being aborted, when Caroline and Kym met them at the clinic’s doors. They went above and beyond, even housing one of the mothers in their homes when they were in desperate need.

Caroline was determined to see the closure of Wistons clinic, so no more babies would be killed there. She would envision, with Kym, the building used instead for prayer, life-affirming projects and a memorial garden for the babies who had been killed there. The prayer vision was further inspired after Caroline’s visit to Auschwitz, formerly a concentration camp, where a house of prayer now stands opposite.

A woman victorious in battle

In December 2014, Caroline was diagnosed with cancer. Through it all, she remained full of faith in God and never complained. Her health improved, despite ongoing challenges.

Prayer outside Wistons continued over the last two years, with the 40 Days for Life campaigns. Then the amazing news came, in March 2021, from Brighton and Hove City Council: The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) Wistons clinic on Dyke Rd will be closing in June/July this year as BPAS will no longer be providing pregnancy advisory services in Brighton and Hove…”.

Victory! Kym and Caroline were ecstatic to hear the news! Caroline had been too ill to attend any of the prayer vigils in person that year, but on the 28th March 2021, Caroline, Kym, and many of those who had been involved praying outside of Wistons over the years, went for a final session. This time, Caroline was armed with a guitar, worshipping God for what He had done!

A woman of legacy

Two of Caroline’s great desires and prayers were that she would see Wistons clinic close and that she would see her grandchildren. Caroline welcomed her first grandchild in February of this year, with another one on the way. Wistons clinic closed on 30th June 2021 - no more babies would be killed there or mothers’ and fathers' lives marred. The property is now on sale for £3,000,000.

Three months later, on 25th September 2021, Caroline passed from this world to eternal life with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to the one she loved and put her faith in. From the time she was diagnosed with cancer to her final departure, the LORD graciously gave her (and blessed us with) seven more years on earth.

In that time Caroline continued to fight for life and support our work, warmly hosting many of our team meetings, presentations and Christmas parties in her home. She joined us on displays, toured with us in Ireland and fought dragons in central London. She remained a trusted intercessor - leading the CBR UK prayer group for a season. You knew when you asked Caroline to pray - she would pray - empowering us through her great faith and encouraging us through words and pictures she received from God. 

One of the biggest gifts Caroline has given us at CBR UK, is her daughter, Aisling Goodison. Aisling, like her mother, fearlessly defends life, and in her role as Head of Training, also equips others to do so with excellence. Meeting Aisling’s mother and father, makes you realise why Aisling is so bold, confident and full of faith. What a legacy Caroline has left behind in the fight for life, through her children.


Above: Caroline and daughter Aisling

A woman who knew her God

The Biblical story of David and Goliath gave Caroline great hope. She knew that the “Goliath” of the abortion industry could be overturned by a small group of people who were willing to go to battle because they knew their God.

Born on 23rd April - St George’s day, Caroline, along with other prayer warriors over 54 years, slayed the dragon of Wistons abortion clinic - destroying it by acting out her faith in God. Caroline’s family fellowship was called: “Mustard Seed Family Church”, and her life truly demonstrated this faith which can move mountains and shut down abortion clinics.

To God be the glory.


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One Week to Go! Gateway's 36th Annual Celebration



It's time to celebrate & activate!

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Copy the link to your calendar or bookmark to your computer to prepare for the event! Share and invite friends so you can be part of this important mission going forth into the upcoming year!

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Please consider this request from Jeremy and Samantha. They are dear friends of the Gateway family.

Samantha writes:

Help Us Give Our Baby Boy the Memorial He Deserves

Hey everyone, so as most of you may know, my water broke just shy of 17 weeks. Mine and Jeremy‘s plan was to keep our faith in God and continue with our pregnancy knowing the risk factors for me and for the baby I wanted to continue and get as far as I possibly could knowing that we were only five weeks away from 22 weeks which is considered viable at the hospital I was in. However, we didn’t make it that far and I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on June 21st. Obviously he wasn’t considered “viable” as he was only shy of 17 weeks, he passed at 9:55am in my arms. I asked what happens with him and they told me the hospital “takes care of it” I’m sorry but I can’t bear the thought of him being throw in some trash bin like a piece of garbage so I requested he be cremated. This came as such a surprise to us as it would anyone and we just don’t have the funds to give him the proper memorial we need to give him. The urns are so expensive even though he’s so tiny, the keepsakes are expensive and if we want anything engraved, that’s a whole other story. So, I’m asking for help if anyone can help us, it would be greatly appreciated more than you know! If you can’t that’s okay too. Prayers are always welcome and appreciated Thank you all in advance

The Story of Mighty Max  

on Dean's Prayer Requests

Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Gateway's Mission England                          Update!

Pastor Dave Brennan from the UK requests prayer for the HOPE Centre: 

“Prayer for continuing wisdom and direction as we look to begin our first partnership with local churches to establish a physical location.

Rebekah Collins challenges us:

Let's do 'HOPE' together!

We are trusting that HOPE is a: "...planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified" Isaiah 61:3

Will you join us in partnering with the Lord in this new project for His glory in our nation?

"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."  2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Banquet 2023 ALL DETAILS

  On the night of the banquet, we will be updating our supporters about Mission England 2024 view here the promo video directly from the UK ...