Monday, August 16, 2004

Update on Geoff Jones

Geoff is continuing to improve. His mom and I had a meeting with His
doctors and therapists. The primary therapist is please with his
progress and so is his primary doctor. Praise God, they didn�t have to
cut his hair to do the EEG test, thank you for your prayers on that.

Current concerns are:
1. The ulcer/severe blister on the heel of his right foot (the bad
hip side) is healing slowly. The quicker it heals, the quicker his
therapy can really take off. If any of you are in the medical profession
and there are some medications that you seen work on this type of wound
please let me know

2. His right hand is healing, they are changing the splint on it
every week, please keep it in prayer.

3. Geoff has an infection in his blood, and has been getting
antibiotics for the past 1 � weeks, please pray that it doesn�t linger
and that he get no more infections

4. Please pray for his blood clots in his legs to dissipate and not
travel as well as not form any more. There is also a clot in his lungs
that slipped past his filter

5. Pray that his colon starts functioning normally again

6. And the sooner his lungs improve and clear, the sooner his trach
tube can be removed
Just looking toward the future, Geoff had diabetes and high blood
pressure, coupled with his current condition, he is at risk of getting
strokes in the future.
Please join me in prayer as we REBUKE that in
Jesus� name!
Geoff is still on restricted visitation but all of you prayer are
reaching the Our Father and he�s answering them! God bless!

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Monday, August 2, 2004

Gateway is now registered with Babies R Us!

If you are -

  • in the store and wish to help the ministry by purchasing newborn items, our registry number is: 82380107 under "GatewayGateway"

Thanks for helping new moms!

We received an email from Brazil.

Here is a request for prayer.

My name is John Shelton. My wife (Linda) and I are Southern Baptist missionaries in Brazil.
We have a volunteer team coming from Virginia next week to talk in a public school about abstinence and what it means to lead a pure life.
They are from Gateway Baptist Church. I was trying to find their website to get their address and your website came

I said a prayer for your ministry there in NJ. Will you take a minute to pray for our ministry here and for the 7 teenagers that are coming next week to share the message of Christ and the message of purity?

God Bless,

John Shelton

John & Linda SheltonR. Acad�mico Reinaldo Consoni, 456C�rrego Grande88037-100 Florian�polis, SCBRASILFone: 011-55-48-234-6642Cel: 48-9981-4148E-Mail:

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