Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hot Summer News!

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(photo left) A recent baby shower for Gateway hosted by the ladies of Christ Fellowship in Elizabeth

Dear Gateway Partner,

Jesus commands believers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’’ Mark 16:15.  Gateway has the unique opportunity to reach a formerly unreached people group with the gospel. The recent exploding immigration of men and women from all corners of the globe means that the world is coming to us! With the addition of several newly trained volunteers we will be able to open additional shifts to see many more men and women.

Our 30th Anniversary fundraising dinner will take place on Thursday October 29th at The Gran Centurions in Clark. Save the date.  We do hope you can attend. It will give you the opportunity to hear what God is doing at Gateway. The following story is from our Elizabeth office:

Romisha a 21 year old came into the counselling room seemingly distracted by her cell phone.  As JoAnn began to share her own personal story Romisha became extremely attentive. She shared how Christ changed her life, giving her a whole new prospective, hope and a future.  

 JoAnn was able to explain the Gospel to Romisha and she prayed to trust Christ as Lord and Savior. When she left she felt like a heavy weight had been removed from her shoulders. Additional literature and a list of Bible believing churches was given to her. JoAnn will be following-up on Romisha. 

To update you on the overall work, Gateway has seen 754 women, almost 100 men and 
170 babies have been born so far this year. Of these women, 116 have made professions of 
faith in Jesus and 22 have rededicated their lives to Christ. You too can be a  part of this 
work with your financial gift and daily prayer.

Would you consider the largest gift possible to cover to help us meet our overall 
goal of $30,000 needed within the next three months?   

We commit to continuing to provide women with the opportunity to hear the gospel 
and make biblical decisions about their pregnancy.

Thank you for your love, support and prayer for this gospel ministry.

Gateway is truly IMPACTING lives and souls for the Kingdom!

Will you help to enable us to continue to  
by meeting the needs of the women as we see opportunities for the gospel to be presented?

PRAYERFULLY consider GIVING from the heart and partnering with us in these
“HOT SUMMER DAYS” by “REFRESHING” the ministry of Gateway.
May the Lord Greatly Bless your Sacrificial Giving!


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