Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Please keep these reuests in your prayers:

(1) Joan Vitale, our Associate Director, writes: "One of my clients and someone who I grew quite close to was killed over a week again a car crash in Rt. 78. Billy was only in his mid 20's. He came to Gateway with needs for his baby boy. It was Billy that was killed. He leaves a two year old son and an 11month old baby girl. It truly is a tragedy.. I stood as a witness for their wedding, Pastor Clem married themin January of 2002 - Monica at age 26 is a widow with two children. I will miss Billy very much - He loved the Lord they were saved even prior to coming to Gateway but really turned their lives over to the Lord during the time they came to Gateway. We must remember Monica in our prayers. If there is anything we can do at Gateway for Monica, we will help her pray for her and reach out to her.

(2) Edgar Drechsel and his wife June, were injured in an automobile crash. Edgar is 89 years old and was the oldest walker in our recent Walk for Life. He broke his leg and has other injuries. June also is in Overlook Hospital, Overlook Hospital
99 Beauvoir Ave, Summit, NJ 07901 - Phone: (908) 522-2000, Please keep them in your prayers.

(3) Dean's dad, George, has been recently hospitalized with irregular breathing and an enlarged aorta.

(4) A Gateway supporter and his wife request prayer for (a) more time together with the Lord, (b) a problem in their church, and (c) the desire to do what the Lord wants as they realize their over involvement in church programs.

(5) Gateway counselor, Mery, had surgery on June 4th. She is still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. She is awaiting test results, which obviously, she wishes to be negative.

Jesus is Lord!

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