Friday, April 27, 2018

Evangelism Seminar 2018 with Jack Redmond

Evangelism Seminar 2018 with Jack Redmond

Date: Saturday May 12, 2018  (10am to 2pm)

Location: Calvary AOG Church, 242 Shunpike Rd, Springfield, NJ 07081 

Cost: $10 per person for materials and lunch

Hosts: Greater Life Outreach and Gateway Pregnancy Center

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thank You For Reaching Out To Us

‘Thank you for reaching out to us’

Thank you for reaching out to us. As we mentioned to you on the telephone, Gateway neither does nor refers for abortion.

We are not a medical facility. We do care about you and your pregnancy and want to be there for you.

As mentioned, a home test can be inaccurate. Abortions are regularly done on women who ‘think’ they are pregnant.

Our help to you does not involve money, so your decision can be solely your own, not based on circumstances, fear or the ability to pay someone for a quick resolution.

An abortion at any stage of gestation has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual risks.

In over thirty-two years of helping over 35,000 women, we have seen many lives negatively impacted by this decision.

·                     Abortion increases the risk of future infertility by 25% (for teen it’s 30%)

·                     Within 30 days 70% of relationships (married or single) breakup. That figure rises to 95% within the first two years after an abortion. Those who abort to save a relationship are almost certainly to see it destroyed.

·                     85% of women aborting experience PAS (Post Abortion Stress) within 3-5 years after an abortion.

·                     There is a marked increase in the risks of breast cancer after an abortion; for African-   
              American women, that increase is 380% if they are age 18 and under.

·                     Guilt and regret often plague women who abort; often this is lifetime.

-          We are there for you not only with information but with actual assistance.
-          We can help you get the proper prenatal care at low or no cost.

-          We can provide baby items and counseling.

-          We can do many things for you, but we can’t and won’t make the decision for you.

-          One thing we can’t do for you is prevent or correct the consequences of a wrong decision.

That is why we offer you the truth about abortion. You are a worthy person deserving the truth. Your decision involves two lives (yours and your baby) and isn’t solely based on your circumstances, which often change.

Decisions have consequences and we know that a ‘decision for life’ will result in wonderful things for you.
We have seen the differences in the lives of thousands.

Allow us to assist you with no pressure, no condemnation, but with the truth!

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Physical and mental risks of abortion

Actual abortion procedure:  

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