Saturday, January 23, 2016

Two ‘cool ideas’ to help Gateway during Blizzard 2016!


NO, we don’t need snow shoveling! 
.. but please consider and respond

Mukki's story was featured in our January Gateway Today. She is a Native American who found her way to Gateway - Irvington. As snow falls all around us, eighteen year old Mukki's world is in turmoil. 

Her mom has demanded she abort and the pressure is building. Her mom made a Wednesday appointment to end the life of her baby. Mukki (not her real name, but a Native American pseudonym for 'baby') needs our prayers. 

Gateway is working closely with Several Sources Shelters. They have space for her but Mukki needs to decide to take the first step. 

She is afraid and this fear is causing her ambivalence.Please pray though out this weekend that she respond to our offers for help. She has already seen her sonogram and really does want to carry this baby.

In memory of the 58 million lost lives through abortion over the past 43 years why not donate an amount to the Gateway ministry, 
such as: 

$43 or even  
$430 or even  

Your gift will help local women facing a crisis pregnancy receive the truth about the life within them AND hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     IDEA # 2

 Consider opening a TD Bank account (when the streets are plowed!)
 Charline from our local branch explains how TD  Bank 
 will partner with Gateway:

Good Afternoon Dean,

As of right now this is the promotion we have:

$25 dollars to open a new non-interest bearing checking account.
$25 for completing 5 online bill pays within 60 days of account opening.
$25 for a recurring Direct Deposit of $100.00 dollars or more within 60 days of account opening.
$25 for completing 25 debit card transactions within 60 days of account opening.

Best Regards and Thank you again for your help,  

Charline Charles | Assistant Head Teller | Union Chestnut Store 
TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

Gateway has maintained an account with TD Bank (formerly Commerce Bank) for over15 years. We were drawn to them because they did not support abortion, as did our previous banker.

In addition, we loved the 
     Instant creation of ATM cards on the spot 
        at the time of account opening
    No overdraft fees on debit card usage
     Free "Penny Arcade" coin counting machines for both customers and 
     No-Fee Visa Gift Cards for customers
     Lollipops and dog biscuits in the lobby and drive-thru 

(and lots of free pens!)

In the past 10 years alone, we’ve counted over $217,000 in nickels, dimes and quarters (and some dollars and checks) at TD Bank, at no cost to us!

A great way to help Gateway – just mention Gateway when you open an account!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month


La Maravilla de la Vida!Video en 4D muestra un bebé en el útero. Algunos dicen que pareciéra que está bailando. Se rasca los ojos y bosteza antes de quedarse dormidito...! Awwww ! Cosita hermosa!!!

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Banquet 2023 ALL DETAILS

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