Monday, February 22, 2016

Can you or someone you know help?

Car Needed!

It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the one above

If you have read our recent Gateway Today newsletters or been on our Facebook page, you know that we have been working with a couple from Sri Lanka.

Jey and Rechka had baby Jorja on September 22nd. Jey has a green card, a NJ driver’s license. Jay rides to work on a bicycle or takes the train or bus. He spends 2-3 hours a day traveling to and from his job. He arrives home very late at night

They really could use a car.

Jey has skills in carpentry, electrical, computer repair, automotive and 2-3 years training in engineering. Because his language skills are poor, his present job only allows him a $10.50 per hour salary, with no benefits. He sweeps the floor at a supermarket in S. Orange. They live in East Orange. Baby Rechka just turned five months.

Would you or someone in your church know of a car that might be donated to this couple.  

Any size, any make, any year. It would just need to be able to pass inspection. 

Jey and Rechka are from a Hindu background but are open to Christianity. She attends our church - Great Shepherd, in Springfield - every Sunday. Jey's boss requires him to work Sundays so he's looking for a job where he can also attend church with his wife and child! We are hoping he can relocate to the Union area this summer.

We see Jey and Reckha weekly and speak daily. We’ve observed him to be a hard worker, honest and very grateful for any opportunity.

A car would allow him to secure a better job and in the meantime, to travel to his job without the daily 2-3-hour commute.  

Thanks for anything that you can do. 


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