Monday, June 13, 2022

Plan 'B' is an abortion pill NOT an emergency contraceptive. Experts explain the difference.


The false statement

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive not an abortion pill. Experts explain the difference. Fri, June 25, 2021, 1:49 PM /                                                                                                 



The truth: Prescribing information for Plan B points out that the drug works by “preventing ovulation” or “possibly preventing fertilization.”  Or it may alter the endometrium and thereby “inhibit implantation.”[1]  This refers to implantation of any newly conceived human individual/zygote in the mother’s womb.  Hence, the complete clinical pharmacology of Plan B demands that the drug product be duly recognized as an abortifacient – or potential abortifacient – and not merely described as “emergency contraception.” Plan B prescribing information, available online at [accessed 2013 May 1].  Originally accessed at PlanBPI.pdf [2006 Mar 7].   Plan B One Step contains 1.50 mg levonorgestrel per tablet.

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